Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all the friends, fans and listeners around the world. I am excited to report that I spent the New Years Eve celebration doing what I love. I was in concert with the Zac Brown Band, one of the sweetest and kindest bands I've met in a very long time. I say the band, but I mean the entire organization and all the folks that keep it running smoothly.

My big plan for the new year begins with a great opportunity to perform with a legendary singer that I've always admired but never worked with, Merry Clayton (of Gimme Shelter fame). I'll be double billing with her at the Mint in Los Angeles January 31st. More details later.

As I am off the James Taylor bus for a while I am booking solo performances around as much as i can beginning with a big show at BB Kings in Manhattan. Sort of my welcome back concert, since I haven't worked in the city solo since i last lived there.

I'm working on a few other really great projects that will keep me in the studio for the rest of the time, so don't worry if you don't see me on the road with James. I'm doing fine, although I'll miss his audiences.