July 21, 2010 the first day back home

July 21, 2010 the first day back home

Just came home from a private karate lesson and had a hefty salad.  The kitty's and I are getting re-aquainted and I am SO loving being quiet and catching up on rest by having the odd nap and visiting my old local haunts. 

I am a guy who doesn't dwell in the saddness at the end of a tour, but I prefer to rejoice in the fact that it was a success for all involved and, even though I was in a sweet embrace with Andrea, i was joking around right to the very end. 

We got to perform for countless friends and tons of celebrities, such as Hugh Laurie from House, character actor Paul Ben-Victor, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Hilary Clinton, John Hall, Nancy Pelosi, and many many more!  We were actually thrilled to see all these folks loosing it for James Taylor and Carole Kings Troubadour reunion.  They were part of musical history, and we could all feel it!

  I am happy to be back and planning to record a  new CD very soon!  I've planned a cool Blues project that should bring a new organic sound to some originals and some cool blues covers. 

But first I need to do a few dates with Lyle Lovett, and I've got a few LA club dates coming in August.


See ya soon