Kansas and BBQ

Kansas and BBQ

I thought I had to have Gates Bar B Q in Kansas. But I am usually so pressed for time, that whatever is close is what we eat. We all converged on Jack Stack since it's walking distance of the hotel. I went with my monitor man, then folks kept join out table which ended up being Leland Sklar, Robbie Kondor, and the tour manager, Joe Cordosi.

I'm working very well with everyone considering it's not the James band I know and always loved, it seems to be jelling and the audiences are really thrilled.

This is one of those shows that no matter what happens, folks are here to hear their favorite songs and see living legends, James and Carole. It is very gratifying to see a 68 year old woman, a 62 year old man and a band that is all around the same age range, do what we've always done. Rock and roll until we have to close the place down.

I am honored to be on stage performing with these writers and watching and audience, in the round, just loose it song after song. I sort of don't want to see it end. But it is best to give it up July 20th and leave them want more.

To our friend in Europe; sorry. This will not make it there as far as I can see, but they will be selling some sort of live DVD for you to see and witness the Sweet Seasons of James and Carole.