New Record over half done!

New Record over half done!

1.11.11 and 1.12.11

Great starting numbers!  I used these dates to begin my new blues project! 

Like everything else there is a nice blend of many styles, but it seems to be leaning toward a free bluesy style more than any other.  I am so excited to have written and recorded some really cool originals and a few clasic blues covers. 

I was able to schedule Larry Goldings, Jimmy Johnson, Mike Landau, and Gary Novak for the tracks.  We all recorded live and I'm going for the vocals that accompany these original live tracks to make it feel as live as my shows. 

God's and Monsters, a tune written for Mike Landau seems to be a real winner that will prove to get some really good milage in film and TV. 

We go back in the beginning of the month and 2.2.11 and 2.3.11 still cool dates, and then the mixing and mastering and I'll be ready to sell by the spring!

Look out ya'll!