New York

So I'm expecting to go back to New York.  Having lived and done my share of pounding the pavement there, I always look forward to going back as a way to gauge my growth.  What often happens is I just realize I still have mad Manhattan skills.  

I may be showing up there with Lyle to support his new CD "release me", features our duet of "White Boy Lost In The Blues.".

But the most exciting is going to headline BB KINGS JAZZ CLUB.  I first went there when 42 street had its major gentrification as a revisiting tourist.  I happened upon the club walking by and Heather  Headly was playing.  I was enthralled in her first album and said I got to hear her.  It was a sold out show so I went to the door said if anything comes up call me on my cell and I'll come back to see the show.  

I went for a coffee got the call and got in for the time of my life.  I was also introduced to Javier Colon, the first season Winner if "the Voice."

We have remained friends Heather and I sang for Obama in 09 and now I am going to play BB Kings solo.  

B.B. King the father of the blues.  Arnold McCuller " Soon as I Get Paid.". My first blues flavored recording.  A perfect match, and It just couldn't get any better.  If you follow my musician friends Jon Gilutin will be my MD,  with Zev Katz on bass and Clint DeGannon on drums.

My pal Matt Cusson may come sing with me, and we might do a couple tunes we wrote together.  

Come and support my return to the island.  I've been missing you!

All the best!