Wonderful! Wonderful!

Arnold McCuller

Record Details

Album cover for Arnold McCuller Wonderful! Wonderful! single


  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! -:-- / 3:35

“Wonderful! Wonderful!” is the second in a series of Johnny Mathis covers that Arnold will release in 2021.

Vocal: Arnold McCuller
Electric Piano: Larry Goldings
Organ: Larry Goldings
Electric piano: Matt Cusson
Electric guitar: Paul Viapiano
Electric bass: Trey Henry
Drums: John Ferraro
Background Vocals/Arrangement: Matt Cusson

Produced by Paul Viapiano & Trey Henry for The Chemistry Set
Arranged by: Trey Henry
Drums recording engineer: Gordon Rustvold
Mix: Paul Viapiano

Written by Sherman Edwards and Ben Raleigh

A potentially dangerous undertaking – given how engrained these songs are in our brains – but you overcame that by finding a new way to cut to the essence of the songs…. your interpretations dig in deep and the arrangements are really cool… I dig it!” – Don Was