Back to Front

The idea for this project came from radio. I was listening to "Hold On My Heart" on the "wave", and thought I'd love to sing that song. I found the melody truly haunting and simple. I then realized in addition to Phil Collins, I've worked and sung on some of radio's favorites. Hence, the idea was born.

The majority of these tracks are therefore songs I sang backing vocals with other singers, and most of them I've gone on to perform live with the original artist. With the exception of "Lazy Nina" a song that's been in my live acts for over 15 years, because I love Donal Fagan, and I've always been a fan of Greg Phillinganes.

The last piece of music, the only original tune, I wrote 22 years ago with my long time friend Jan Alejandro, that never made it to any of my other projects, but probably is my favorite writing effort.

Category: Arnold McCuller

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