The Music of Johnny Mathis sung by Arnold McCuller

“A potentially dangerous undertaking – given how engrained these songs are in our brains – but you overcame that by finding a new way to cut to the essence of the songs…. your interpretations dig in deep and the arrangements are really cool… I dig it!” – Don Was

“If James Taylor and Phil Collins picked up any extra soulfulness in recent years, they probably got it from Arnold McCuller.” – Music & Musicians Magazine


“…If you’re looking for a teacher I can point you to Arnold McCuller who taught me a lot of stuff. He’s a great singer and a great teacher.”
Linda Ronstadt

Arnold’s VocalEase app has made a huge difference in my singing for the last few years. It has improved my range and control – and my overall strength. When I started the excercises I couldn’t do them at all, but I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get up and running. You see results in a matter of days. I wish I had this app a long time ago….”
Jackson Browne

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Singer Arnold McCuller standing against a wall with angel wing mural


I’m Arnold McCuller, and I would like to reintroduce myself as a musician and performer for the last five decades who is transitioning into a certified  Interventionist and Recovery Coach. While on tour for the past two years, I’ve been working on getting the education required to help people with substance abuse and mental health issues, families, and industry professionals with all aspects of recovery.

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