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“And then when Arnold added his vocal to the track, it turned it into a really smooth and soulful interpretation.” – Mandy Barnett Rolling Stone


  • “If James Taylor and Phil Collins picked up any extra soulfulness in recent years, they probably got it from Arnold McCuller.” – Music & Musicians Magazine
  • “The Biblical voice of Arnold McCuller…” – Phil Collins Concert Review The West Australian
  • “It’s fair to say millions, possibly even billions, more people have heard Arnold McCuller than have heard of Arnold McCuller.” – Vineyard Gazette on Arnold McCuller
  •  “Taylor’s longtime backing vocalist Arnold McCuller drew a standing ovation during his power-punching solo turn on “Shower the People.”…” – Billboard Magazine review of James Taylor
  • “Even more impressive is the utterly heart wrenching vocals of lesser known Arnold McCuller on the Boz Scaggs hit “Jo Jo”.” – Mainly Piano review of Fly Away
  • “On Shower The People, you feel that tingling moment, where Taylor hands the gospel finish to the star-reaching vocal of long-time collaborator Arnold McCuller and you stand with the others and applaud.” – James Taylor Concert Review
  • “Cleveland native Arnold McCuller (who brought down the house during “Shower the People”)” – Carole King & James Taylor Concert Review
  • “Audience members were treated to singer Arnold McCuller’s original song “Gods and Monsters,” showcasing the vocalist’s punchy yet smooth voice.” – Lyle Lovett Concert Review
  • “Then there was the jaw-dropping performance of the Mathis/Denise Williams hit “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late,” delivered by Williams and vocalist Arnold McCuller.” – Johnny Mathis Concert Review
  • “McCuller calls Soon As I Get Paid his musical autobiography, and he couldn’t have chosen better songs, or better players to tell his story.” – Pop Dose Album Review
  • ““Shower the People,” on which Arnold McCuller offset Taylor’s smoothness with a roof-shaking gospel vocal” – James Taylor Concert Review

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