It’s Your Birthday (Happy Earth Day)

Arnold McCuller

Record Details

Singer Arnold McCuller

“It’s Your Birthday (Happy Earth Day)”

Arnold McCuller – Lead Vocal
Matt Cusson – Piano

Written by Arnold McCuller (Euris Music ASCAP), and Matt Cusson (23 Jump Shots ASCAP)
Produced and Arranged by Matt Cusson

“Deceptive in its simplicity,  profound lyrics that never stoop to platitudes. Vocally this is an Arnold I don’t believe I’ve heard before.  It sounds very personal,  reserved…the musings of a mature man-almost a quiet prayer. Gentle, soft, yet strong…like the perfect father we all wish for. I hear a sad smile on your face….the recording reminds me of the warmth and intimacy of a classic Christmas song.  THIS SONG IS TOO SHORT!” – Keith Zeller