Stayin’ Home

Arnold McCuller

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Arnold McCuller Stay' Home Cover


  1. Stayin’ Home -:-- / 3:37

“Stayin’ Home”

Lead Vocal – Arnold McCuller
All Instruments and Background Vocals – Matt Cusson

Written by Arnold McCuller (Euris Music ASCAP), and Matt Cusson (23 Jump Shots ASCAP)
Produced and Arranged by Matt Cusson

“Classic McCuller beginning: sexy,  smooth and seductive. Clean and sparingly produced. The  construction of the song brings to mind What a Fool Believes,  by the Doobie Brothers.  Creamy romantic sound with a beat that moves and gorgeous vocals..the music is so incredibly appealing that at first the lyrics are overlooked by the listener.  Its not until the 3rd or 4th time listening that one realizes that the lyrics are like a gentle sermon from an old friend.  Its a stealthy and subtle modern twist on Rodgers and Hammerstein You’ll Never Walk Alone and Sondheims No One is Alone. ” – Keith Zeller